Introducing the New Quilly

🚀 Full Webflow CMS Support, Unlimited Turbo-Charged AI, and a Streamlined UX 🚀

Hello Quillyers,
Over the past year, we've taken a lot of time to evaluate how our users interact with the platform, and we realized we needed to do a big overhaul of how Quilly worked to make it easier for y'all to automate great content. We’re excited to finally announce a huge update to the Quilly platform that is set to elevate your content automation experience.

Before diving into the new features, we wanted to talk about pricing. While working through the app's redesign, we realized that a free-tiered version doesn't make sense. It doesn't help anyone if we only partially support Webflow's CMS fields, or limit the power of ghostwriters, or use outdated AI models. Now, that being said, it turns out it costs us a good chunk of money to use the top notch stuff. So, we decided to move to a free trial model. This will give you the option to try out the full Quilly product, then bail if you don't like it, all the while helping us to keep the lights on while running the Quilly apparatus. The early access price will be $7.99 / month. We'll most likely be raising that in the near future, but if you subscribe now you'll be grandfathered in to that early access tier.

Now, onto the fun part. Here’s what’s new:

🌐 Full Webflow CMS Support

Quilly now fully integrates all field types in Webflow CMS. From item references, to dropdown options, to AI generated multi-images, you can now create ghostwriters that handle all of your Webflow CMS fields. Your superpowers are now unlocked. Show us what you're capable of!

🤖 Unlimited Access to ChatGPT 4.0

We turbocharged Quilly with unlimited access to ChatGPT 4o. Our goal is to allow you to easily generate compelling content automatically, no matter the complexity of your CMS pages. ChatGPT 4o is a major step in that direction and has taken Quilly to a whole 'nother level.

🎨 Unlimited Access to DALL-E 3

It's time. Automatically generate images for your posts, powered by DALL-E 3. This feature has been an undertaking, but we're stoked to finally share it with you. Quilly will now automatically generate relevant images for your content, while also providing you the ability to customize any prompts to make visual content you'll be happy to share with the world.

🖥️ UI/UX Redesign

As part of the Quilly update, we revisited our UI and UX to streamline the workflow of deploying ghostwriters. Our goal was to make the app as clean and efficient as possible, without sacrificing functionality and customization of your ghostwriters. So, on top of being more powerful than ever, Quilly is now more user-friendly than ever too.

We're so excited to see what you can create with the new platform. And, as always, have fun with it.
The Quilly Team