Get Started With Quilly

Launching a ghostwriter in Quilly takes about 2 minutes. Learn how to get your first ghostwriter up and running.

Getting Started With Quilly

Step 1. The Basics

First up, choose a name for your ghostwriter. Then, choose which Webflow CMS site to publish to, and which collection within that webflow site. Then, choose how frequently you want Quilly to publish content to your CMS and set a writing style for the content.

Step 2. Config

Next, choose a theme or multiple themes to write about. Good themes are broad, for example "a magical creature that lives in the kingdom of Quilly" will produce a lot of varying content on these creatures (see the Beasts of Quilly blog for example).

If you have keywords you'd like to insert into the text (for SEO purposes or to guide Quilly in the right direction), add those into the keywords field.

Step 3. Customization

Next up, you'll customize the field's parameters to determine how content gets published. First, set which field is the post's body/main content. Then from there, you can choose how the other fields relate to the main content (e.g. a meta title or a short summary).

Quilly now supports all webflow CMS field types, so each field will have specific parameters to customize. For example, if you want to customize an AI generated image prompt, you can simply input your customizations in the custom prompt field.

Step 4. Send it!

Click the create button to have Quilly launch your ghostwriter, and you are off to the races. It will usually take around 15 to 30 minutes to have your first post up and running. Remember, if you don't set the post to publish live, it will stay as a draft within your Webflow site's CMS. The opposite is also true - if you enable posting live, Quilly will automatically publish the articles to your public site. We recommend reviewing the content to make sure it is up to your standards before publishing.